Given a chance, the specially abled persons reach the goal: Basavaraj Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar

Specially abled are the real yogis: Bommai

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said the specially abled persons have the zeal to achieve anything people provided the opportunity and they are the real yogis.

Speaking after inaugurating the south zone conference of the Saksham Specially abled persons at Kuvempu Kalakshrethra in Chamarajapet here on Sunday,he said people would call them as specially abled or specially challenging persons.

But despite having all the organs are they happy and contended? Who is specially abled? Have they used all the organs given by God? Who undergoes the ENT test.

It was they who are the real specially abled persons as they would undergo the eye testing.People with some physical deformities love with pride.

Bommai said they become beggars sometime.The politicians beg for votes and traders demand more money.But the specially abled persons come up with self-respect.

A national survey must be done to know the contribution of the specially abled to the GDP of the country so that their services would be known to others.

They were serving in all fields as they have been gifted with the great thinking power which was more than the normal persons.

” I had learnt a lot for being close with Pandit Puttaraj Gawai.The specially abled children would have innocence always but it would decline in normal persons as they grow old.They are the real yogis.

They don’t need compassion but opportunity.They are blessed with dedication to achieve anything if they are given the chance.

The BJP leader said the government implement several schemes for them but it wouldn’t reach them. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been doing so much that those benefits would reach the last man in society.

The Saksham organisation has been given the award while the BJP was in power.There was no mistake in honouring those who were doing good things for the society.

MLA Uday Garudachar,MLC N.Ravikumar and others were present.