Day 2 of Cyber Crimes Conclave 2024:Combating Evolving Threats and Challenges

Pramesh S Jain

The second day of the Cyber Crimes Conclave 2024, held on February 29,2024,at the J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru,focused on a variety of critical cybersecurity issues and solutions.

*Major highlights:

Opening Ceremony:The day commenced with a virtual address by Dr.G Parameshwara,Home Minister of Karnataka,who emphasized the importance of cyber security and the initiatives being taken by the Karnataka Home Ministry through a video bite addressal.

“In recent years,Karnataka has seen an exponential increase in cybercrime activities.As technology becomes more embedded in our daily lives,the opportunities for cyber-crime have also expanded making the law enforcement more complex, challenging,and demanding.

”DGP Mr.Alok Mohan on the crucial role of Karnataka police in combating Cyber-crime and ensuring a safe digital landscape.The panel discussions followed thereafter.

*Panel Discussions:

Ransomware Protection:Esteemed panellists like Mr. Venkat Ramshet,Mr.Harish Uphadya and Mr. Ramanujam Komanduri addressed rising threats of Ransomware and Protection,exploring the fast-evolving problem of ransomware attacks and strategies for protection.

Cyber Crime Challenges in Karnataka:This discussion, moderated by actor and director Prakash Belawadi,cut through the specific challenges faced by Karnataka and potential solutions.

The first panel discussion of the day started with distinguished guests from cybersecurity sphere,IPS officer,Mr.Vamsi Krishna,Forensic expert & Adv.Dr. Phanindra,Mr.Shashank Shekar from CloudSEK and Mrs.Dr.Shubhamangala (CEO,Go Cybex) discussed industry-specific cybercrime challenges in Karnataka.

Deepfakes,social media & Fake News:The session explored the impact of deepfakes and misinformation on social media platforms.

The renowned kannada actress Sapthami Gowda and Prasad Bidappa were among the high-esteemed panellists who discussed about the topic.

The actress said,“We as celebrities are easily available to everyone.The line between our professional and personal lives is very thin.Be empathetic.

Would you be okay if something came out that was regarding your life? If someone left a comment on your picture? We have a quality that robots do not have – that is empathy.That human touch should not be lost.”

Prasad Bidapa,on the other hand,stressed on digital detoxification.He said,“If you spend a lot of time on social media,you will have no life of your own at all.

So every person in this world, should also have self-discipline.I urge people not to compromise their real life for unreal life.That brings us into a lot of people.So I urge people to put a reminder on their phones.”

Cybersecurity on a Shoestring Budget for MSMEs:

Experts discussed affordable methods for small and medium-sized enterprises to execute cybersecurity measures.

Ashwani Paliwal from SecOps and Utkarsh from Wrixte along with others formed the circle of noted speakers alongside others.

Cyber Security and National Security-Securing the Critical Infrastructure:

The final panel discussion composing of Shankar Gurujalam from Siemens and Bindhu Madhava the COO, PGCoE focused on the crucial role of cybersecurity in protecting critical national infrastructure.

*Hackathon finale:The winning team and the runner up teams were awarded Rs.2 Lakhs and Rs.1 Lakh and Rs. 50 K prize cheques,respectively.

While PES Institute of tech secured the first place, Manipal institute of Technology won the second place. The third prize was won by Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences.

*Addressing various Issues:

Today’s sessions covered a wide range of topics, providing valuable insights into the evolving cyber threat landscape and potential solutions.

*Collaboration and Innovation:

The Cyber Crimes Conclave served as a platform for stakeholders from various sectors to share knowledge, network,and explore collaborative efforts to combat cyber threats.

*Looking Ahead:

By fostering collaboration and innovation,the Conclave aims to empower individuals and organizations to explore the digital landscape with greater confidence and resilience.