CM Siddaramaiah confident of comfortable win for Congress Candidates

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that Ajay Makan, Chandrashekhar and Syed Nasir Hussain from Congress will win comfortably.He was speaking to the media at Vidhana Soudha today.

Stuck together due to lures and threats:

People who contest elections will claim that they will win. But they do not have necessary votes.They have only 19 votes.

Hence there was no need to field a candidate but they are still contesting.All our MLAs will loyally vote in favour of Congress.

Congress candidates will win.As there was a fifth candidate from JDS, we all had to stick together and vote,the CM said.

Where is the conscience?.

JDS has no conscience.Where is the conscience of those who have joined BJP in the name of JDS? The CM questioned.

*There is no need to lure:

The CM said that votes of other parties may also come who have a good opinion about our government.When we have enough votes where is the need to lure.

We have 136 votes.Independent candidate Lata Prakash,Mallikarjuna and Darshan Puttannaiah, Puttaswamy Gowda and Janardana Reddy have votes and where is the need to lure.Those who are luring and threatening are JDS and BJP, he said.

*Cross voting is only possible in BJP:

Answering a question from the media that JDS and BJP are expecting cross-voting from Congress,the CM said that let them secure their MLAs.Cross voting is possible only in BJP