Former CM Basavaraj Bommai shares information about lies that the government got it told through governor

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan

Incentive on milk not released since last six months; Bommai

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai accused the state government of making the governor to utter lie that Rs.757 crore milk incentive for 8.65 lakh milk producers had been transferred to their bank account. In reality,the incentive has not been paid since last six months.

Reacting to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s challenge during the debate on the governor’s address that the governor has not been made to tell lies,Bommai check-mated him saying that the milk incentive had not been released since last six months to the milk producers.

Those farmers were holding agitation.The government got the governor to utter lie even on this issue.

The BJP said the government has claimed of issuing a notification regarding 97 per cent of the announcements made in the budget along with five guarantees.

However,none of the works for which the notifications had been issued, were yet to to be started.Is this not a lie? .

The governor had been made to tell another lie that no new buses were purchased during the previous BJP regime.

But the truth had been that new buses had been bought for four corporations.During 2022-23,steps had been initiated to include 3,526 new buses in four corporations.

In the BJP ruling,1311 buses for the BMTC,50 power plus buses for KSRTC and 20 Volvo buses had been purchased and they were operational.

Bommai said the government,in the budget,had said that Rs.3000 crore had been earmarked for the Kalyana Karnataka Development Board and action plan had been sanctioned for 5468 works,and completed 1287 works in November last year.

The incumbent government had claimed the achievements of the previous BJP government as it’s achievements.