RTI activist files complaint to chief minister against ACP Reena suvarna

Special Correspondent

RTI activist Marin filed a complaint with the Chief Minister against ACP Reena Suvarna and her subordinate officer Shivkumar.

The complaint was based on allegations of improper activities by both officers and their receipt of monetary benefits.

On February 4,2023,a case was registered at the HAL police station.The main accused was Mr.Suresh Jain, and many land-related documents were seized from his house.He was arrested and sent to judicial custody.

It is reported that numerous cinematic incidents occurred at the HAL police station.ACP,Kishore Bharani allegedly demanded money from others in the FIR,held someone in illegal custody for 7 days,allowed Suresh Jain to drink whiskey inside the station,and accepted deliveries of delicious biryani and other dishes for the station and for himself,prepared at home.

These events unfolded in front of other individuals arrested in this case, leading to Mr.Prathap being sent to jail for not paying Rs.1 lakh to Kishore Bharani and his associates.Due to these irregularities,Mr.Binish Thomas filed a petition to transfer the case to the CCB.

The case was assigned to ACP Naveen Kulkarni by then Joint CP Dr Sharanappa.After Joint CP was transferred, the new DCP,who was the earlier batch mate of Whitefield DCP who was very much close associates of jain the case file was immediately given to ACP Reena Suvarna,with Shivkumar assisting her.

During this period,several unbelievable incidents occurred.ACP Reena Suvarna and her colleagues reportedly acted as staff for Suresh Jain,following the instructions of higher officers.

Mr.Martin requested a check of the call records of ACP Suvarna and her higher officers.She issued a notice to a few individuals,adding them as accused in the case;the notice was served at 5:45 PM,asking them to attend by 6 PM.

Another allegation is that,while taking statements,she would pause the video or intentionally ignore statements against Suresh Jain and the experiences of individuals at the HAL police station.

She also warned another person against speaking ill of police officers,especially those from the HAL station.

It is unheard of for the main accused to become a star witness,yet it is alleged that she facilitated this for Jain and his staff for monetary benefits and to help Jain escape the case.Her senior official was also implicated in this illegal act.

Acp Reena suvarna helped Jain and his staffs to become star witness,questions are arraising how the main accused has become an star witness

ACP Reena Suvarna and Shivkumar are accused of involvement in these activities,with Shivkumar also being implicated in many illegal acts and facing numerous allegations.

ACP Reena Suvarna is accused of forcing Syed Munnaver Sabri to give a false statement in favor of Jain,promising financial help from Jain and assistance in escaping the case.

However,Sabri refused,and after he declined,other officers also called and threatened him.ACP Suvarna allegedly mentioned a lawyer’s name who would represent him, with Jain covering the professional expenses.

There are many allegations against Reena suvarna she harrases her sub ordinates even she was responsible for an inspectors death.

Martin alleged that after all these allegations Reena suvarna is able to get good posting in Bangalore.

Marin has requested the Chief Minister take necessary actions against ACP Reena Suvarna and Shivkumar,and requested to suspend Reena suvarna put an enquiry against her.