Two American pitbull dog attacks businessman during his visit tenants booked by Varthur police

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

A 49-year-old businessman complained to the Varthur police against the tenants of his relatives after two american pitbull attacked him during his visit to the house on Tuesday.

The victim,Chandrashekhar B, had gone to his farm house to get the tender coconuts plucked from the trees.

According to him,the farm house is the joint property of him and his uncle.His uncle had rented out his share of property to Srinivasa and Manish who owned two american pit bulls.

Chandrashekhar while visiting the farm house asked them to tie the dogs,but they ignored and let the pets unleashed .

As a result the two dog attacked him biting around 20 times.He was rushed to a private hospital where he is under treatment,

Based on the complaint,the police have registered a case against Srinivasa and Munesh,charging them under section 289 ( Negligent conduct with respect to animal ) of IPC for further investigations.