The Congress Party didn’t have candidates for Parliamentary polls: Basavaraj Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar

The state government is dead for farmers: Bommai

The Congress Party did not have the candidates to contest in the coming Lok Sabha polls, said former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

Speaking at a function organised in connection with Arun Kumar Pujari assuming the charge of Haveri District BJP unit here on Thursday,he said no one was ready to be the Congress candidate in the coming parliamentary polls.

One of the ministers told him that he was not ready to lose the election as the pro-Modi wave has engulfed the entire nation.

A minister has refused to contest the Lok Sabha elections.This indicated the return of the past glory of the BJP.The youths are bubbling with enthusiasm to work for the BJP.

Bommai said the BJP was regaining it’s past glory in Haveri district with Arun Kumar Pujari taking over the party mantle.

Responsibility was on everyone to organise the party ahead of the lok sabha polls.The BJP alone has the moral right to seek the votes from the people .

Senior leader, late C.M.Udasi was responsible for the creation of the Haveri district and B.S.Yediyurappa was responsible for the development of the district.

Senior Congress leader and Tourism Minister,H.K.Patil had promised water to the district under the UKP way back in 2002 but it didn’t materialise till 2012.

Ultimately, it became reality when Yediyurappa became the CM and he became water resources minister.

Launching a salvo on the state government,the former CM said all the schemes initiated by the previous BJP government has been stopped.

This government was dead as far as farmers were concerned.Guarantees haven’t reached people.I will challenge Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to give a list of names to whom 200 units of power has been given in the last seven months.

The state government is cheating people.They haven’t distributed the rice at all.What is being distributed is Modi rice.This government is at the mercy of the Modi Government “.

Fall of government

The BJP leader said if the electorate ensure the victory of the BJP candidates in all the 28 seats, the Congress led State government will fall and he would give guarantee for it.