Defending Truth and Justice: High court halts malicious legal maneuvers against Mr .Binish Thomas

Special Correspondent

The Honorable High Court of Karnataka issued a stay order on a PCR filed by Mr.Lawrence against Mr.Binish Thomas,Syed Munnaver Sabri, and others.

This PCR,purportedly filed to harass the named individuals,led Mr.Binish Thomas to file a civil case against Mr.Lawrence in 2020.

Despite court notices,Mr.Lawrence has refused to acknowledge them and has proceeded to file a PCR against multiple individuals for specific reasons,raising concerns about the filing of baseless cases with the intent to damage Mr.Binish Thomas’s social and political career.

Mr.Binish Thomas has been vocal about China’s so-called “debt diplomacy” in Africa,highlighting how it led to the countries becoming virtual colonies of China due to their inability to repay massive loans.

His insights on this issue,reported by both national and international media,predate his comprehensive articles on the subject.

Additionally, Mr.Thomas wrote about the Hamas attack on Israel, linking it to the disruption of a major project announced by the Israeli Prime Minister at the G20 Summit in India.

He referred to it as the “Largest cooperation project in history,” seen as an alternative to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, stretching from India through the Middle East to Europe.

Shortly after the Hamas attack,US President Joe Biden echoed a similar viewpoint, highlighting the support Hamas receives from Iran,which is backed by China,as evidenced by numerous credible international documents.

Mr.Thomas believes that his outspoken views have made him a target of various groups that have influenced the filing of false cases against him and coerced officers into taking action to undermine him.

He has received anonymous threats demanding he cease writing in favor of Israel or against certain groups.

Typically, the strategy employed by these groups involves filing multiple cases against an individual with the aim of causing significant personal distress.

However, the High Court’s decision to stay the PCR is seen by Mr. Thomas as a triumph of justice, reaffirming his faith in the Indian judiciary as the ultimate refuge for the common man.