Woman booked for luring a city based cosmetic surgeon with offer to get him Hi-End car for cheaper rates and cheated total of Rs.6.02 Crores

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Vijayanagar police has registered an extortion, cheating and criminal intimidation case against a 32-year-old woman for luring a city based cosmetic surgeon with a offer to get him high end car for cheaper rates and pocketed a total of Rs.6.02 crore .

The accused had even threatened to foist a rape case
against him and defame him in media and extorted additional Rs.2 lakh when the doctor started demanding her to return the money.

Dr.Girish,in his complaint said that the accused had come to his hospital for cosmetic surgery in June 2022.

Claiming to be a successful realtor and dealer of expensive second had cars,the accused offer to get him a luxury car and taken Rs.6 crore in different dates .

When the accused refused to get the car,Dr.Girish started calling her to return the money following which the accused called him to Vijayanagar club for talks .

The accused threatened and verbally abused him threatening him with dire consequences and even filing a rape case .

She demanded Rs.5 lakh for not filing the case and taken 2 lakh after negotiation.

Scared Dr.Girish discussed this with family and friends before filing a complaint with the Vijayanagar police on Saturday .