The Programme Organized By Karnataka State Police;Closing Ceremony Of 12th All India Police Archery Championship

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

T alking Points By Chief Minister of Karnataka.

1.It gives me immense pleasure that the Karnataka State Police has successfully organized the 12th All India Police Archery Championship from January 30th to 04th February under the aegis of All India Police Sports Control Board at Bengaluru,in which State Police Forces and Central Para Military Police Forces have participated.

2. I am happy that 24 teams have participated from different State Police Forces and Central Police Organizations including Karnataka State Police.

3.The Karnataka State Police has for the first time organized the All India Archery Championship and for the first time Karnataka Police archery team has participated in archery.

4.I compliment our DG & IGP and Head of Karnataka State Police Dr.Alok Mohan for his meticulous planning and painstaking efforts in organizing this event in a grand and befitting manner at Bangalore.

5.436 Police Archers including 124 Women Archers of various ranks have intensely competed in the championship which had 3 categories:Recurve, Compound and Indian Round and have won 174 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.Also the first three teams both in men and women category have won the trophies.

6. I congratulate all the medal winners and also the other participants for having successfully participated in the championship.

7. The Govt.of Karnataka has always been a promoter of sports.For the 12th All India Police Archery Championship-2023-24 the Government has granted Rs.25 Lakhs.

8.With a view to encourage more sports persons to join the police,Government has created a 2% reservation in recruitment and in the near future,Government is thinking of increasing the percentage of reservation also.

9.In the year 2022-23,80 Civil Constables and 20 PSI’s (Police Sub-Inspector) have been appointed under sports quota.

10. Archery has been a part of our culture and we cannot forget the story of Ekalavya,Arjuna,Karna, Dronacharya and other great archers.

11. To be a good archer,it requires strong mental discipline,superior techniques and skills,high resolve, grit,muscle strength and hard work.

12. Historically,archery played a crucial role in ancient Indian warfare.The Maurya and Gupta empires among others, maintained formidable archer divisions in their ability to rain arrows upon enemy forces from a distance,providing a strategic advantage in battles.

13. In modern India,archery has evolved from its historical and mythological roots into a dynamic and competitive sport.

14.While the traditional significance of archery is preserved in cultural practices and festivals,the sport has gained prominence at both the national and international levels.

15. Archery has become a recognized and respected discipline in India, with archers representing the country in international competitions including Olympic Games.

16. Indian archers have participated in various Olympic editions, showcasing their skills on the global stage. Notable archers like Limba Ram,Satish Kumar and Deepika Kumari have carried the Indian Flag in the Olympics.

17. Current league of archers include Jyothi Surekha Vennam, Komalika Bari and Ankita Bhakat.

18. I am happy to find Sri.Rajat Chauhan,DSP Rajasthan Police an Arjuna Awardee, Sri.Tushar Prabhakar Shelke, ITBP, Asian Games Medalist and 12 other police archers of international acclaim having participated in this championship.

19. I wish everyone to develop Arjuna’s focus that is sure to help us succeed in all our endeavours.