Man stabbed cattle trader to death over illicit affair enter station with blood soaked knife and surrenders

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan

The Chintamani police were caught in surprise when a man armed with blood soaked knife entered the station and confessed that he had stabbed a cattle trader to death over illicit affair in Tiipu Nagar on Friday.

The police arrested the accused and seized the weapon before rushing to the spot and recover the body of Jabir Pasha.

Senior officer told reporters that the accused Mukhtiyar worked as butcher,was enraged over Jabir affair with his wife.

Jabir had openly announced about his affair which cased embarrassment and humiliation.

Enraged Mukhtiyar decided to avenge and confronted Jabir with the knife he was using at work .

The accused had a ten-year-old son who was staying in the relative’s house in Ramanagar for studies,the officer,said.