Officials in our government should be fully committed to secularism and constitution:Otherwise such officers will not be allowed to continue here: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah warns

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah gave clear instructions to the district in-charge secretaries that they should be fully committed to secularism and the constitution in our government,otherwise they will not be allowed to continue there.

The Chief Minister gave this instruction during the meeting with District In-charge Secretaries meeting held at Conference Hall,Vidhana Soudha

‘Your knowledge should help the district administration. You have been appointed to reach out to the people and help the district level officials to take quick decisions, ‘he said.

Important instructions given by the Chief Minister

It’s been 8 months since our Government took charge and 3-4 months since the DC-CEO meeting.The CM sought information regarding changes brought about in the districts.

He sought to know as to how the experience of the senior officers has helped in reaching the programmes of the Government to the people.
The CM questioned as to why in some districts only some of the beneficiaries were able to get the facilities, while the rest did not due to technical reasons.

He asked why there is dealy.He instructed the officers to resolve the technical issue immediately and reject ineligible applications.

The CM asked if the number of people visiting the Revenue,Tahsildar,DC and AC offices had come down and if the people are getting relief for their problems in the AC and DC office.

The CM sought to know how many of the officers have made sudden inspections to offices, hostels and hospitals. He questioned if the Dialysis centers are providing appropriate services.

The CM observed that the Kolar hostel incident could have been averted if the hostel authorities were more alert.The CM warned that stringent action will be taken if such incidents recurring

People often visit Agriculture,Revenue and Police Stations more often, the CM asked as to how many police stations the officers visited.

The CM said that if action has not been taken against erring officers how ill discipline be brought in administration.

Interaction between District officers and beneficiaries should be well-built

Since it is anticipated that the drought situation could worsen in March, April and May,the CM instructed that drinking water,fodder,distribution of input subsidy and work should be made available.

Fodder must be grown if it is not sufficient and must be purchased from the farmers.There should be no dearth of fodder, he added.

The CM instructed to send a proposal for minikits worth Rs.20 crore containing fodder seeds to be distributed to farmers.He said that availability of fodder must be checked on the basis of facts.

The CM instructed to grow fodder in Sericulture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry farmers.

The CM instructed to disburse input subsidy within a week.

It was instructed to reject applications of the woman head of the household or her husband paying income tax or filing GST returns under the Grihalakshmi scheme.

The CM instructed to conduct a detailed review meeting of the districts, so that the problems can be resolve.

The CM instructed to conduct meetings with the DCs regarding shortage of buses and inoperative routes

Speaking about the Man-Wild Animal conflict the CM instructed that food and water must be made available in the forests for the animals.Animals venture into the villages in search of food.

The CM instructed that the District –in-charge secretaries must visit the districts twice .

Janaspandana will be held on 8th February.The applications received in the previous Janaspandana must be disposed of immediately.

Department wise stalls will be put up.District In charge secretaries must be present earlier to review the applications and prepare for appropriate action.

Action must be taken to bring the applications to the notice of the CM when he visits the stalls.

·District in charge secretaries attendance during the Assembly sessions is compulsory

The CM launched the Pragathi application which has been developed to review the regional level progress of the schemes of various departments at the district level.