Rape case accused Suresh Jain filing false PCR against others & misguiding judiciary

Special Correspondent

In a significant development,the HAL Police Station registered a case in February 2023 concerning a suspicious land deal.

FIR implicated numerous individuals,with Mr.Suresh Jain identified as the primary accused.Following his arrest,Mr.Jain was promptly placed in judicial custody.

Jain accused Binish Thomas and other people had put Jain into trouble.

Binish Thomas and other victims approached the commissioner and requested to transfer the case to CCB so that fair enquiry can be done in the case.

“After these incidents,ACP Kishore Bharani joined forces with Jain and engaged in dishonest activities, striking a deal.

Mr.Binish Thomas filed a complaint against Kishore Bharani with multiple higher authorities,including Lokayukta,accusing him of dishonouring a High Court order and soliciting money.

Subsequently,Mr.Binish Thomas and other victims sought a non-biased and proper inquiry from higher authorities,leading to the case being transferred to CCB.

During this transition,Jain implemented another strategy—misleading everyone to file fake PCR.
On the request of Binish and other victims case transferred to CID.The current investigation is being conducted by CID.

Jain attempted to influence another victim,Mr.Syed Munnaver Sabri,through a higher officer in CCB (not Kishore Bharani).

They pressured him to mention only Mr.Binish Thomas’s name,turning him into a star witness instead of an accused.

However,Mr.Sabri resisted,Sabri said I am a practising Muslim and I can’t lie he said citing brutal mental torture from police officials.

Even jain offered money to Sabri but he refused.This higher officer is evidently working in favor of Mr. Jain, even arranging different lawyers for him.”

However,a surprising turn of events occurred three months later when Mr.Jain allegedly filed a false PCR in court,falsely accusing individuals who had never interacted with him.

Authorities suspect a deliberate attempt to mislead the investigation,indicating Mr.Jain’s intention to avoid legal consequences.Notably,this incident aligns with a pattern observed in Mr.Jain’s history,characterized by filing unfounded complaints to divert attention.

Mr.Suresh Jain is facing multiple legal issues,including allegations of rape.This specific case garnered widespread media attention and was ultimately resolved through an agreement with the complainant.

The victim in this instance endured severe mistreatment beyond humane limits.

Additionally,a complaint was lodged against Mr.Jain by his own daughter-in-law at the Basavanagudi Police Station, citing dowry-related abuse.

Subsequently,this case was also settled through negotiations.Many other cases registered against him for land dealing and land grabbing.

The investigation into Mr.Jain’s land dealings led to the seizure of relevant documents from his office.However, a shocking revelation emerged as reports indicated that the police officials’report falsely claimed the seizure occurred at an office in Victoria Layout,that office belongs to jain friend Mr.Javed,the illegal documents were seized from suresh jains office,Allegations of corruption within the police force are now under scrutiny,suggesting collusion with Mr.Jain.

Challenging the authenticity of the PCR Mr.Binish Thomas has approached the Honourable High Court. Notably, Mr.Thomas emphasizes that Mr.Jain,the alleged victim,is the main accused in the case,raising questions about the legitimacy of the PCR.

The controversy gained public attention when a media outlet reported on December 23rd,highlighting Mr. Jain’s alleged attempts to manipulate public opinion.

The report refutes claims made in the PCR,revealing that Mr.Jain sought land for commercial purposes, specifically for constructing an apartment and shopping mall.

The notion of establishing a school for underprivileged children,as mentioned in the PCR,is dismissed as entirely false.he never show the mercy to his own daughter in law,how can he shower his mercy to others

Mr. Jain’s strategy of involving unsuspecting family members in the controversy is seen as an attempt to exert psychological pressure on the opposition.

Shockingly,many individuals named in the PCR claim no association with Mr.Jain,underscoring the extent of his deceptive maneuvers.

As the legal battle unfolds,questions surrounding the credibility of Mr.Jain’s actions and the alleged collaboration with law enforcement officials continue to cast a shadow over the case