Preventive detention measures will be invoked on drug peddlers to tackle drug menace says B Dayananda

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The police will take preventive detention measures to tackle the drug menace effectively,city police chief,B. Dayananda,said.

Speaking on the public meeting in Doddakallasandra on Saturday,Mr.Dayananda said that the drug menace is also area of focus this year and to tackle effectively some tough measures on the lines of goonda Act is needed.

The city police have cracked a whip and arrested many peddlers and seized narcotics including synthetic drugs which is one of the area of concern.

Apart from creating awareness programs about the drug abuse,city police is also acting tough on peddlers and their network,he said adding that preventive detention initiative is part of the drive which would be launched soon.