1000 policemen to take guard,38 contingents to be a part of Republic Day parade at Manekshaw Parade Ground, traffic banned at Cubbon Road: B Dayananda

Pramesh S Jain

Elaborate traffic and tight security arrangements have been made in and around manekshaw parade ground for the republic day ceremonial parade to be held on Friday.

According to release from traffic police,all the invitees with Car Passes are requested to alight and park their vehicles at specified places mentioned in the passes.

Emergency Vehicles like Ambulances,Fire Tender,Water Tanker,KSRP,CRT,BBMP,PWD vehicles shall enter the parade ground from Gate No.2 on Cubbon Road and park their vehicles behind the Fort Wall (Southern Side).

All Media Vehicles,O.B.Vans shall enter parade ground through gate No.3 and park their vehicles on Eastern side of the parade ground.

The traffic will be diverted on from 08-30 A.M to 10-30 A.M from BRV Jn. to Kamaraj Road Jn. (both directions) on Cubbon Road.

The vehicles coming from Infantry road towards Manipal Center should move on Infantry Road-Safina plaza–Left Turn-Main Guard cross Road-Alies Circle- Dispensary Road-Kamaraja Road&Dickenson Road junction-Right Turn-K.R.Road &Cubbon Road Jn,-Left Turn- Cubbon Road onwards to Manipal Center Jn.

 The vehicle coming from Manipal Jn.towards BRV Jn. on Cubbon Road, is prohibited near Manipal Centre.

These vehicles will take Right Turn near Webbs Jn,and move on M.G.Road–Mayohall Jn,-Arts & Crafts Jn,-Anil Kumble Circle-Right Turn-BRV Jn.and proceed towards central street.

Vehicle coming from Anil Kumble Circle towards Cubbon Road will go straight on Central Street Jn-Right Turn-Infantry Road-Safina Plaza-Left Turn-Main Guard Cross Road-Alies Circle-Dispensary Road-Kamaraja Road and Dickenson road jn-Right Turn-K.R.Road jn- Left Turn-and Cubbon Road onwards to Manipal Center junction.

Due to Security reasons all invitees who are attending the parade, are requested not to bring Mobile phones, Helmets,cameras,radio,umbrella and any other
equipment to the parade ground.People with such articles will not be permitted inside.

All are requested to be seated before 08.00 A.M.


Central Street,from Anil Kumble Circle to Shivajinagar Bus Stand. Cubbon Road, from C.T.O. Circle to K.R.Road and Cubbon Road Junction. M.G.Road, from Anil Kumble Circle to Queens Circle (Both Sides).

For any help, Bengaluru city police are always available to you, for any emergency dial-112.

Bengaluru Traffic Police requests your fullest co-operation for successful celebration of Republic Day.