Economic and social empowerment is a must for everyone to realize the dream of equal society;Clarification will be given to Center immediately to include Ambiga community in thr Scheduled Tribe category:Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

T here is nothing such as inferior or superior in work.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the state government has already recommended twice to the central government to include the Ambiga community in the Scheduled Tribe list.

The community is fully qualified to be included in the ST list and he assured that the clarification requested by the Central Government will be provided immediately.

He was speaking at the inauguration of the 6th Sharana samskruthi Festival of Sri Nija Sharana Ambigara Choudaiah and the 904th Jayanthotsava of Nija Sharana Ambigara Choudaiah today.

Union Minister Prahlad Joshi should take action regarding the same,he said.

He said that it should not be forgotten that in 1996-97, the late MLA Narayana Rao had strived to add the community to the ST list.

Boating and fishing is the main occupation of the Ambiga community.There is no such thing as inferior or superior in work.There should be no discrimination between human beings.

He said that the Basavadi sharanas fought against those who discriminated based on caste.Ambigara Choudaiah was one among the database who fought against discrimination.The CM explained that Basavanna therefore called him Nijasharana.

Economic and social empowerment is a must for everyone to realize the dream of equal society:

Ambigara Choudaiya Development Corporation was established earlier when our Government was in power. A society without economic power cannot get into the mainstream.

Economic and social empowerment is a must for everyone to realize the dream of an equal society.

Basavadi Sharanas has given two principles – Kayaka and Dasoha.Kayaka means production, Dasoha means distribution.

This means that everyone should be involved in work and everyone should share the production.No one should enjoy the benefits of someone else’s work.

Caste system is not got momentum driven because there is no economic and social activity.He said that the Basavadi Sharanas had called upon to give a momentum to this.

Children should not be deprived of education for any reason:

Walking in the footsteps of Ambigara Chaudaiah is giving our true tributes to him.He said that Jayantyotsava is celebrated to spread his works and ideas to the people.

Our children should not be deprived of education for any reason.Inequality in the society should be eliminated.

We have to stand against vested interests.The CM said there were people who did not want change then and such people still exist.The Chief Minister promised to stand with the backward society.

On the same occasion,the CM read a poem by national poet G.S.Sivarudrappa about Ambigara Choudaiah.