Number of Muslim women taking benefits of the Modi schemes has increased;Basavaraj Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Sunil Lohan

CM is politicking to save the chair: Bommai:

The number of women who are taking the benefits of the Narendra Modi Government has increased.They are the beneficiaries of the schemes like Mudra,Ayushman and Pradhan Mantri Awaz Yojan and the Modi Government has launched a program ‘Shukriya Modi Bhai’and it will be successful.This is the symbol of change,said former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai.

He told reporters here on Wednesday that this was known to the women beneficiaries of the Modi programs but it was being hushed.

So,they have come of the shackles and started the program, ‘ Shukriya Modi Bhai’.It would become a big hit and a big set back for INDIA front.

Unnecessary charges over tableau issue:

He said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah was unnecessary trying to put the blame on the Government of India following the non-selection of a tableau from Karnataka.

The previous BJP government had spoken to then Defence Minister to give a chance for the Karnataka state to have its tableau in January 26 Republic day March past and a similar effort must be made by Siddaramaiah.

Instead of doing it he was blaming the Government of India.In 2018,when the Congress was in power the Karnataka did not get the chance to have its tableau in the RD parade.

The Congress leaders were trying to instigate people. “We will request the Central Government to allow Karnataka to have its tableau in this year’s RD parade”, he added.

Politics to save the chair

Asked about investors leaving Karnataka to other states, he said the Congress government has created an atmosphere for the investors to leave the state.

During the BJP government regime those who came to Karnataka to invest the capital were going back.The present government has failed to attract investors and there has been 30 per cent cut in FDI.The CM was busy in saving his position.

The farmers haven’t been given the drought relief money and not a single paise had been spent on development.So investors are hesitant to come to Karnataka.It was high time for the CM to become alert

On giving the Cabinet rank status for the Committee that had been constituted for the implementation of guarantees,Bommai said it was true that the CM must appoint advisers but the cabinet rank status must not cross 15 per cent.

There has been a standing order in this regard.The decision of the government was anti-constituional and violation of rules

Pro-Modi wave:

Bommai said the recent meeting in a resort on the outskirts of Bengaluru discussed regarding 13 lok sabha constituencies.The discussion has been fruitful.

The people want the BJP to come to power again in the Centre.Even the party workers were working in the spirit.There has been pro-Modi wave across the country,he added.