Bengaluru Cyber Crime unit scores big 14 fraudsters arrested by SIT team,in connection with FedEx courier scam seized Rs.25.47 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


he Special Investigation team formed to crack down the online courier scam and arrested a gang of 14 people from across the country who were operating the racket for the past many months.

The accused has been identified as,Lalith,Ramesh Kumar,Dilip Soni,Kanji Bhai Rabari,Asim Apandi, Mohammed Saleem Saif,Naufel KP,Riyaz, Naufel KP,Arshad,Ashik MP.

City Police Commissioner,B.Dayananda,said that the accused are operating through interactive voice response (IVR) posing as representatives of international courier company call centre to gullible people and threatened them with smuggling drugs and contraband.

Later the accused posing as,NCB,CBI or crime branch officials from Mumbai and forced them to transfer money online worth lakhs on the pretext of inquiry .

Considering the number of the cases estimated to be around 330 in last year, Mr.Dayananda formed a SIT team led by DCP traffic east,Kuldeep Kumar R Jain who track down the accused .

The accused are operating from Kerala, Rajasthan, Gujrath and Bhatkal in karnataka.

The accused had managed to rob 2.10 crore and the officials have seized the bank accounts for further investigations.

The police have also seized Rs.25.47 lakh along with the laptops and mobile phones used by the accused to run the racket.