Use of millets in Indira Canteen and mid-day school meals: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announces

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah made an important announcement that millets will be used in Indira canteen and school lunch.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Millets and Organic International Trade Fair 2024 and the Exhibition and sales organized by the Department of Agriculture at the Palace Grounds,today.

The CM announced that a meeting of the concerned departments will be convened soon to discuss and decide on the use of millets in Indira canteen and school meals so that the people and school children of our state can become more healthy and strong.

The CM assured that the state government will set up a center for the promotion of millet crop to facilitate the production of high quality millet seeds,development of new varieties and export of millets.

Millets can be grown even in places where rainfall and fertility is low.Millets very helpful for good health.

Hence,the state government is continuously organizing millet fairs,he said.

Cereals are high in nitrogen,sodium,vitamins and fibre. Studies show that the consumption of chemically mixed food is also a major cause of many diseases today.He said that consumption of organic cereals is the best solution for this.

Organic Agriculture Policy- 2004,Revised Organic Agriculture Policy-2014 implemented in the state.Our government is continuously encouraging to grow organic and Millet crops.The Chief Minister explained that this is helping in improving the people’s health.

Organic and whole grains have become increasingly popular in recent years.As India is an agricultural country,Green Revolution was carried out during Nehru and Indira Gandhi’s tenure to achieve food self-sufficiency.He said that the Green Revolution helped to provide food to everyone.

The program which was presided over by Agriculture Minister,N.Chaluvarayaswamy.Union Minister,Shobha Karandlaje,Animal Husbandry Minister,K.Venkatesh, Health Minister,Dinesh gundurao,CM’s Political Advisor, B.R.Patil,UP’s Agriculture Minister,Surya Pratap Saahi, CM’s Political Secretary,Make Ahmed,Legislators Binary Kulkarni,Sudhama Das,Rajugowda,Konareddy and others were present .