Man dupes businessman to the tune of Rs.2 Crore claiming to be secretary of labour cell for Congress party promising to make him investor in multi state co-operative society

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

The Jayanagar police on Saturday registered a case of cheating and forgery against a man who claimed to be secretary of labour cell for the congress party duped a businessman with Rs.2 crore promising to make him investor in the multi state cooperative society he is planned to launch in and around the state .

The victim,Rajesh K got introduced to the accused identified as Hemanth through a common friend in 2022.

Introducing himself as secretary of labour cell in Congress party,Hemanth claimed close proximity with the top leaders in the party and also shared his visiting card with the victim.

Hemanth told him that he had a proposal for him to invest in multi state cooperative societies which he is planning to open in five places including in Bengaluru Cochin and Tamil Nadu.

Hemanth also assured to make him investor in the project and offered huge returns with other benefits.

Carried away by his charms and big claims,Rajesh transferred a total of Rs.2 crore to bank accounts of Hemanth and his associates on different dates .

The cheating came to light when the deadline of the launching of cooperative society passed and Hemanth was missing mysteriously.