CM practicing appeasement politics: Basavaraj Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Former chief Minister and senior BJP leader Basavaraj Bommai said in a meeting on Monday,Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had spoken about giving the special rights to the minorities in national resources.

This is nothing but but the vote bank and the appeasement politics.It seems the CM has forgotten his duty of rendering justice to one and all.

In his Twitter account,Bommai said “Already, there are departments for the minorities like the Wakf Board, Minority Commission and Minority Corporation which have been getting the funds through several programs.

The intention of all the governments has been that they must also be educated to become self-reliant.But the CM’s statement of riding over the other communities was highly condemnable.

The funds reserved for the development of the SCd/STs, the TSP and SCP has been diverted to the guarantee schemes and done injustice to those two oppressed communities .

Siddaramaiah said more grants would be given for the Muslims which was nothing but playing the appeasement politics.This would not only bankrupt the state treasury but also cause social differentiation”.