State government comes forward to release crop relief Rs.2 thousand in the first installment

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

*Emergency action by the state in view of the fact that the central government has not yet held a preliminary meeting to compensate the farmers of the state.

*There is no response to the letters written to the centre. Three ministers from the state visited Delhi,but did not get a positive response from the Centre.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s announcement at an emergency press conference.

Other highlights of the press conference.

*Permission was sought to provide 150 man-days employment under the Employment Guarantee Scheme.The Centre has not yet given permission.

*We have declared 223 taluks of the state as drought-prone in three phases.

*Crop loss in 48.19 lakh hectare.

*We have written to the center to provide financial assistance of Rs.18171.44 crore.

*It is enough if the Centre returns the share of our tax money.

*We had first appealed to the centre on 21-9-2023.

*A team from the centre toured the state from 4/10 to 9/10 and conducted a drought survey and submitted a report.

*We all met the central team to discussed and explained the situation.

*There is drought situation in 12 states of the country.

*We have asked to release Rs.4663 crores compensation for the crop loss from the center.We have also appealed to the Union Minister.

*The Union Government has not conducted a single meeting till date. Despite request to allot time for the visit, it was not given.

*I asked the three ministers to visit Delhi and at least meet the officials.3 ministers went to Delhi and have explained to the officials.

*The Finance Minister met our Minister.

*The Union Government has not held single meeting till date. Nor have they begun the process.

*I have written a letter seeking time and saying that I will meet the Union Agriculture and Home Minister myself.Time has been given till date.

*Our government has already released 460 crores to 6.5 lakh farmers for failure sowing and interim insurance compensation.

327 crore released for drinking water and fodder, 780 crore is available in PD account of DCs.They have also released to Tahsildars.

*We have managed to ensure that there is no problem with drinking water in any taluk.

*We have arranged water through tanker s in 60 villages of many taluks.

*We have prevented fodder from going outside the state. We have distributed fodder seeds.

*It is decided to provide Rs 2000 crop compensation for eligible farmers in first installment.

*Since it is not possible to wait until the centre releases the amount,the State Government has decided to release the first installment.