Agricultural Universities are not just an institution that produces agriculture graduates;The Green Revolution must be continuous: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

C hief Minister Siddaramaiah said that green revolution must be continuous.New varieties of crops,pesticides, soil fertility,technology,fair price for farmers, warehouses for food storage should be created for sustainable agricultural growth.

He was speaking after inaugurating Krushi Mela held at GKVK premises today and presentation of agriculture awards.

University of Agriculture,Bangalore was the first agricultural university established in the state.It has been organizing Krushi Mela for the last 6 decades.

It has also been working to inform people and farmers about the innovations and developments in agriculture. The farmers of the state have The agriculturists should be informed about the development of technology,new varieties, maintenance of soil fertility, etc. from the university.

Agricultural Universities are not institutions that produce agricultural graduates.Emphasis should be laid on research also, the CM elaborated.

After Rajasthan,our state is second dry state in the entire country where most people are dependent on agriculture.

If we want farmers to pursue agriculture, it has to be profitable. Many youth are turning away from agriculture.

He said that scientists and professors working in agricultural universities should give more emphasis on creating an ecosystem where they can depend and lead a life by Agriculture.

Varieties that can grow even in minimum water are required.

Appreciating that the University of Agriculture has released 5 new varieties,the CM said that the varieties should be able to grow even in low water conditions.

They must also have greater immunity to diseases. Lot of farmers are facing many problems.They are in difficulty without proper rain, crop and marketing facility. Due to climate changes,there is drought.

Earlier there was a drought every 4-5 years.Sometimes there used to be severe drought.This time drought has been declared in 223 taluks.

More or less 90 percent of the State is reeling under drought.Even if the government subsidies are doled out,it may not be able provide the entire cost of crop loss,he said.

We should not lead the farmers in the wrong direction. The total crop loss is around Rs.33 thousand crores.

According to the NDRF guidelines,the government has asked for a compensation of Rs 17900 crore.The farmers will lose about 16 thousand crores.

Crop insurance cannot cover the full loss.It is the responsibility of the government and universities to protect the farmers in such a situation.

The role of agricultural universities is important.The country is dependent on agriculture sector for food,he said.

*Farmers should grow multiple crops.

Coming from an agricultural background,I know the plight of farmers,the CM said.Farmers work in the fields throughout the year.

To improve the lives of these laborers, agricultural universities should undertake more research.In addition to preparing graduates in universities,more emphasis should be given to research.

Various crops including millets and sunflower have huge high demand due to health reasons.Awareness should be created among the farmers to cultivate millets which are in high demand.Suitable marketing system should be provided for farmers produce.

The CM said that the government would extend cooperation to the farmers.The government is also ready to allot funds to agricultural universities to carry out research on new varieties,our government has re-introduced Krishi Bhagya scheme.

Farmers get higher yields by growing new varieties. Farmers should develop the tendency to grow multiple crops.

The achievements of the farmers who have been presented awards today should be a role model for the farmers, the CM advised.