Murder of minor boy in Kolar: Two suspects shot in the leg, other 11 arrested

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The Kolar police in a swift action arrested a gang of thirteen including juveniles who have abducted and brutally murdered a 17 year old PU student on November 3.

The accused who had abducted Karthik Singh and taken to an isolated place where they killed him before dumping his body.

A video recorded about the gang torturing Karthik which went viral on social media helped the police to zero in on the accused who had escaped to different places with the help of their family and friends.

But four special teams formed by superintendent of police,M.Narayan track down the accused and arrested them.

Probe revealed that the accused nurtured grudges against Karthik over a girl issue and killed him after warning him to stay away from the girl.

Two of the accused who are major were shot at by police after they tried to escape throwing mud into the eyes of the police while being escorted to the station.

The two accused were admitted to hospital with gun shot Injuries and said to be out of danger.

IGP, central,Dr.BR Ravikanthe Gowda,said that the police will also initiate action against the family and friends who helped the accused to hide and escape after committing the crime.

Mr.Gowda also said that he has suspended the police inspector of Kolar town for deriliction of duty and who has failed to keep a tab on the accused who were involved in attempt to murder case few days ago.

One of the accused who is juvenile is son of a head constable in Kolar.

The head constable ashamed of his criminal behaviour took transfer and went to different town to get him admitted to other school to keep away from his bad company.

However the accused used to come to Kolar and meet and mingle with his gang and continue to do anti social activities.

All the accused were drunk and killed Karthik under the influence of alcohol.

The murder has created a panic among the residents and Mr.Gowda assures that police will strive hard to restore law and order and peace.

In the last 15 days,three murders reported in malur . Srinivasa pura and Kolar town.However 90 per cent of the accused in the murder case have been arrested.

Taking a note from Karthik Singh murder case, the police are conducting special drive to visit schools and colleges to create awareness and keep a tab on their anti social activities and sale of tabacco and narcotics and alcohol to minors.