Fix the injustice done by BJP Govt:destitute families appeal to CM

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

* Plea for Equal Compensation,Job per Home and Site : Chief Minister Siddaramaiah responds.

Noting the discrimination in determining compensation given for the land acquisition process for the expansion of the Air Base being built by the Seabird Naval Base and the construction of a civil enclave in Karwar,the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah promised to take action to resolve this issue under the Land Acquisition Act,2013.

He was speaking today at the meeting with the delegation led by Uttara Kannada District incharge minister,Mankala Vaidya and MLA Satish Sail regarding the discrimination in the ongoing land acquisition process for construction of the airport.

Responding to the appeal made by the destitute families of three villages in the meeting the Chief Minister said that the injustice committed by the BJP government should be rectified,and he also directed the officials to take action to provide compensation in a scientific and standard manner.

He directed the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development M.B.Patil to hold a meeting with the Chief Secretary and other concerned senior officials to discuss the compensation for land acquisition, providing employment and site allocation to the people who have lost land.

He said that a request will be made to the central government to provide employment to the families who have lost their land under the Seabird first phase project.

Industry and Infrastructure Development Minister,M.B. Patil,Fisheries and Ports Minister,Mankala Vaidya, Karwar MLA,Satish Sail,Chief Minister’s Political Secretary,Naseer Ahmed,Infrastructure Development Department,Additional Chief Secretary,Gaurav Gupta, Chief Minister’s Secretary Ziaullah,Finance Department Secretary,P.C.Jaffar,Infrastructure Department Joint Secretary Hephsiba Rani Korlapati and other senior officials were present.