Construction labour arrested by Mahadevapura Traffic police for riding with masked registration number plate to avoid fines

Pramesh S Jain 

T he city traffic police who assured that they would take action against a biker who had committed several traffic violations after photos of the bike’s registration plate covered with a face mask was tracked down by Mahadevapura Traffic police and a FIR is registered.

The accused rider is a Construction labour and to avoid fines he has covered the number plate with mask to hoodwink cops.

Senior officer told reporters that we received information on X social media handle by one of the responsible citizen who said in his tweet,The biker was commuting near the Marathahalli area while covering the number plate using a mask.A social media handle that often shares traffic violations posted images of the bike seeking action from the city police.

The bike has over Rs 13,000 traffic violations fine.The biker covered the number plate to avoid police imposing additional fines on the bike,post on the platform X read.

Netizens replying to post shared similar instances where vehicle owners hide number plates using polythene covers.A person named Durga Prasad Mahapatra shared a video of another bike with a hidden number plate.

Based on the information a special team was led by DCP Traffic East,Kuldeep Kumar R Jain to trace the vehicle based on the information the team of cops using technical support tracked down the bike rider and seized his bike and during questioning it was found that he has covered the number plate with face mask to avoid fines and the rider is a Construction worker and a FIR has been registered and handed over to Mahadevapura police for further investigations.

In another incident A few hours after a video clip of a person being questioned on when and why he had covered the last digit of his bike’s rear registration number plate went viral,Kengeri traffic police traced the two-wheeler and seized it.

According to a senior police officer, the errant biker who had covered the last digit of the number plate with a brown paper was confronted by another two-wheeler rider near Kengeri Satellite Town bus stand on October 14.

The original number of the bike was KA-54-R-1759 and he had covered number 9. When confronted, the biker claimed he was hiding the number as he wasn’t wearing a helmet and feared getting caught.

The rider who questioned the accused claimed his bike number is KA-54-R-175 and if there’s any violation, police would slap a fine on him. “