International level Gold smuggling racket busted by DRI sleuths recovered 6 kilos of gold worth Rs.3 crore in two separate incidents

Pramesh S Jain & Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Continue to crack down on gold smuggling racket officials of Directorate of Revenue Intelligence,on Saturday in two separate cases and recovered 6 kilos of gold in the form of bars and paste worth Rs. 3 crore.

According to the officials the first case was through rummage at Malay Indigo flight based on tip off and recovered 3.2 kilos of gold bars fixed at the washroom of the flight.

The gold bars were supposed to be accessed by a domestic flier of the gold smuggling ring, But before he could board the flight the officials had accessed to the washroom and recovered the gold bars worth Rs.1.3 crore.

in another incident,the DRI officials caught two passengers who landed from Abudhabi and trying to pass through the security checks .

The duo from Tamilnadu were confronted and during checking the team found that they had concealed 2.8 kilos of gold paste in their rectum .

The duo worked as carriers for the gold smuggling racket,which is being probed,a senior official from the DRI, said .