IIM Shillong hosted the 1st CXO Round Table Meet at Delhi

New Delhi,
IIM Shillong hosted the 1st CXO Round Table Meet at Delhi: Bridging Industry Expertise with Academic Excellence
IIM Shillong hosted the 1st CXO Round Table Meet at Delhi that brought together a distinguished panel of industry leaders, academicians, and stakeholders to engage in an insightful discussion.
IIM Shillong, an institution of National Importance and only IIM in the entire NE region was established in the year 2008 and intends to celebrate its 15 years of unwavering commitment to excellence with the theme “Reconnect, Reflect, and Reimagine.” To commemorate this significant milestone, IIM Shillong will host a series of conclaves across country that started in Delhi on 15th Oct 2023.

CXO Round table and Stakeholder meet is planned to “Reconnect” with valued industry partners who have placed their trust since inception, their encouragement and constructive feedback have been instrumental in refining the education curriculum, equipping future graduates to become invaluable contributors in the ever-evolving business landscape. Through this event, a time to “Reflect” on the pivotal role management education has played in fueling the growth and fortification of the Indian business sector. Furthermore, the institute intends to “Reimagine” the future of business management by engaging in enlightening dialogues with distinguished educationists, industry partners, and stakeholders. These discussions revolved around the profound shifts that technology, societal dynamics, and evolving aspirations are instigating in how businesses should be structured and managed.
Industry leaders, Alumni and Academicians noted emergence of latest concepts in industries like Artificial Intelligence which they said should be integrated in the curriculum of the top management schools to prepare the students for future. IIM Shillong alumni actively participated in the panel discussion, contributing insightful questions and sharing their valuable experiences, creating a dynamic and intellectually stimulating atmosphere. With a central theme of the discussion on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the corporate world, the panel explored strategies and best practices for fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces, recognizing the significance of these principles in today’s business landscape.
The CXO Round Table Meet provided a unique platform for knowledge exchange and networking, allowing leaders from different domains to connect, share insights, and collaborate on the challenges and opportunities posed by the digital era.
In his address, Shri Rajesh Uppal, CIO and Senior Executive Director of IT, Safety, HR and Education & Training functions, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., emphasized the evolving role of technology in the automotive industry, stating, “Today, even a car is running on software. AI cannot replace human beings, but students have to cope with the latest technology.”
Shri. Chandrasekhar Velagapudi, Group Head Global IT, Apollo Tyres Ltd., highlighted the core importance of digital technology in all industries and suggested a reorientation of IITs and IIMS courses to prepare students for the changing future.