Salesman and his accomplice arrested for stealing gold ornaments recovered stolen 1.2 kgs gold worth Rs.75 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

T he Halasurgate police on Wednesday arrested a 20-year-old salesman of a jewellery shop and his associate for stealing 1.2 kilos of gold jewellery worth Rs.75 lakh by concocting a robbery story.

The accused Lalsingh Rao,from Rajasthan was caught when alert police not convinced with his story, questioned him in detail before he confessed to the crime .

Based on his confession,the police track down his associate Raja Rao,a delivery boy who had escaped to his native with the jewellery bag and arrested him.

City Police Commissioner B.Dayananda,said that the accused Lalsingh Rao was working in Lakshmi Jewellery in Halasurgate owned by Abhishek Jain since 8 months and earned the trust .

On September 28,Abhishek had given a jewellery bag to Lalsingh hand it over to his business partner in Nallur in AP. Lalsingh has hatched a plan with his associate Raja Rao to rob the valuables by cooking up a story of robbery.

As plan the duo went to Nallur in a bus and handed over the bag to Rajarao before calling Abhishek to inform him that a gang of armed men robbed the bag at gun point.

Shocked Abhishek went to Nallur and brought back Lalsingh to the city and filed a complaint with the police.

The police during the questioning found many loose links while narrating the story and suspecting something fishy.

Based on the suspicious Lalsingh was taken into custody for a detailed questioning following which he confessed to the crime.