Major crackdown on cyber criminals by Bengaluru Cyber crime officials a big break through and recovered 219 crores

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

From January to September 2023, a total of 12,615 online cyber crimes were reported,prompting swift action.

The investigating officers froze an amount of Rs.201,83,28,534 from different bank accounts and successfully recovered Rs.28,40,38,422.

Of this,Rs.27,68,72,273 has been returned to the rightful owners,reinforcing the commitment to justice and cyber crime prevention.

In a major crackdown on 12,615 cyber crime cases with a loss of a total revenue of Rs.470.05 crores,the officials made a break through in some cases and recovered 219 crore.

According to an official release,The total number of 12,615 cyber crime cases reported till September this year under various types of crimes including Online job frauds,debit or credit card frauds,gift frauds,loan app frauds,bitcoin cases,sextortion,data theft,matrimonial frauds,card skimming,email spoofing,lottery frauds, online gaming frauds and SIM cloning.

The total amount of money lost estimated to be Rs. 470.05 crores out of which the police have recovered Rs.229.12 crore.

The team managed to return Rs.27.6 crore to the rightful owners and waiting for the court consent to return the rest of the money, a senior officer,said.