Chandrababu is suffering from dehydration and allergy

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

TDP chief Chandrababu, who is under judicial remand in Rajamahendravaram Central Jail, is suffering from skin allergy along with dehydration.

Family members and party groups are worried about
the dermatologists who have examined the rashes in many places on the body


Today, Rajamahendravaram, NewsToday, Danawaipet, Kambala Cheruvu: TEDP chief Chandrababu, who is on judicial remand in Rajamahendravaram Central Jail, is suffering from skin allergy along with dehydration. It is reported that he is suffering from rashes and infection in many places on his skin. Party sources said that the doctors who conducted health tests on Chandrababu on Thursday found that Chandrababu has lost a lot of weight.
It is reported that doctors suggest that weight loss should be taken seriously as dehydration can lead to other health problems. Family members and TDP leaders are worried about Chandrababu’s health. It is said that the government has been taking steps to trouble Chandrababu from the beginning and the authorities are not paying attention to the pleas of the family members regarding his health condition. They are expressing concern that the Vaikapa government is giving physical trouble to Chandrababu by not providing him with facilities in the jail. Chandrababu, who is suffering from allergy, was examined by prison doctors on Thursday. Decided to consult a dermatologist.

Jail officials have written to the Rajamahendravaram Government Hospital (GGH) and asked them to send dermatologists. Assistant professor and associate professor from GGH went to the jail around 5 pm and examined Chandrababu. At 6.30 they came out. Chandrababu refused to speak when the media tried to inquire about his health condition. Chandrababu is known to have rashes on his hands, chest and chin. When Rajkumar, the in-charge supervisor of the prison, was asked for an explanation, he said that Chandrababu was referred to medical experts due to skin allergy. Medicines prescribed by doctors will be provided. A bulletin was released stating that Chandrababu is healthy and there is no need to worry. 

With the effect of increased temperatures..

In Rajamahendravaram for the past few days, people are suffering from heat stroke due to intense sun and heat and high humidity in the air. Family members recently said that Chandrababu was dehydrated due to extreme heat and cold. His wife Bhuvaneshwari and daughter-in-law Brahmani met Chandrababu in Mulakat on Tuesday. They themselves revealed that Chandrababu was dehydrated. Lokesh said on Wednesday that his mother had told him that Chandrababu was lethargic and his face was drawn. He said that they have been worried about his health and safety in the jail since the beginning.