Hamas:. Hamas strategy to attack Israel..!

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

Hamas has taken strategic steps since few months to convince Israel that they are not in a position to fight. Moreover.. this attack plan was not known to a third eye except the key Hamas members. It was not told until a few hours ago why the terrorists involved in the attack were also being trained. This was revealed by Hamas leaders and captured terrorists.



Internet Desk: Hamas attack plan on Israel kept top secret. On the other hand, Israel’s Mossad has been implementing a strategy to change the IDF forces for several years. A Hamas leader himself revealed this. Ali Barakhe of that organization is currently seeking asylum in Lebanon. Speaking to reporters in Beirut, he stated that only a few of the most senior commanders of Hamas knew the strategy of attacking Israel. “Only a very few Hamas commanders know about Zero Hour (the exact time set for the attack). “None of our central command and politburo members were in Beirut last week,” he revealed. Hezbollah and Iranian groups in Lebanon used to help Hamas in the past. but,

Convince Israel that money..work visas are necessary..

An English news agency said in an article that Hamas was careful not to reveal that it was plotting a massive attack on Israel. For the past few years, signs have been coming from Hamas that they are not ready to fight with Israel. Even in the recent clashes between small Palestinian groups and Israeli forces, Hamas did not interfere. PIJ refused to participate in attacks by other organizations. In this order, even though the Israeli forces kept an eye on Hamas, they were satisfied with the absence of any attack attempts from that side. At the same time, it has convinced Tel Aviv that it is interested in getting more permits for Gazans to work in Israel so that they can earn more.

Training without saying why..

The top leaders of Hamas knew the plan to attack Israel but could not come out. Around 1000 terrorists were trained to participate in this attack. Even the participants did not know why they were being trained. They built places like colonies in Israel and taught them to attack there. However, the Israeli forces believed that the youth of Gaza would be involved in such training in their spare time when they were not involved in riots

In addition to this, Israel’s former National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidor said that the allies believed that Hamas was more responsible. “Foolishly we also made a mistake by believing their words. Such mistakes will not happen again,” he said.

Confirmation with the interrogation of the terrorist..

IDF forces arrested a Hamas gunman. During the interrogation, the militant revealed that the key leader told them about the area under attack only five hours before the attack. He said that 1,000 people participated in it. He said that border fence has been cut at 15 places. He said that they were surprised that there were no Israeli forces there when they entered Israel. He revealed that the armed men who were with them kidnapped a family and led them for two hours and brought them to Gaza. He said that Israeli troops were never seen. Moreover.. He revealed that their armed trucks are full of advanced weapons.

First the IDF cut communications.. then the dictatorship..

The IDF’s southern Gaza division was first attacked by a Hamas commando unit. This severely damaged the communication systems there. With this, the commanders of Israel stopped communicating with each other. As a result, there was also a delay in getting orders to the troops. Meanwhile, a barrage of gunfire fell on the border villages and created bloodshed. Moreover.. 150 more people were kidnapped.