Illegal arms found from furniture shop in Biihar

ABHIJIT RAY, KOLKATA : An illegal arms factory was found behind a furniture store. Kolkata Police’s Special Task Force (STF) and Bihar Police conducted searches and found the arms factory in Bihar’s Bodh Gaya.According to the police, illegal firearms were being manufactured behind the furniture shop called ‘Baba Furniture’. The owner of the shop is 40 year old Mukesh Kumar. Kolkata Police’s STF and Bihar Police conducted a joint search in Buddh Gaya on Thursday after receiving information from confidential sources. It was then that an illegal arms factory was discovered at the back of the shop. Two residents of Munger accused in this incident have already been arrested. They are Anwar Khan and Veeru Kumra. But the shop owner is still on the run.Various pistol manufacturing equipments, lathes, cutting machines, grinding etc. have been recovered from the illegal arms factory. Apart from country pistols and guns, many sophisticated pistols were also seized. Recently, the names of Bihar and Jharkhand have emerged as a link in multiple murders and robberies in Bengal. Even in the case of weapons smuggling, the police got some information. On that basis, Buddha Gaya was searched.