Youth electrocuted to death while trying to get his pet pigeons at the terrace of the house came in contact with high tension wires in Bengaluru

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

A 21-year-old youth who came in contact with a high tension wires while trying to get his pet pigeons at the terrace of the house in B Narayamapura on Sunday, succumbed on Wednesday.

The deceased Madhusushan V, native of Mulabagilu was living with his materal uncle and working in a chat centre .

Since it was holiday,Madhusudhan had a hobby of keeping pigeons as pets went to get them in the terrace and electrocuted .

He was rushed to a near-by hospital from there shifted to Victoria where he succumbed on Wednesday.The residents complaints that this is the fifth incidents of electrocution and three deaths in the last one year , while two survived with injuries .

The residents alleged negligence on part of KPTCL officials for not shifting the high tension wires which are passing through the houses dangerously.

However the officials clarified to the police that the houses build on the close proximity are violating the rules .

There are certain regulations on the construction of houses close to High tension wires passing through the area and its proximity .

However many of the houses constructed violated the regulations, the KPTCL officials reportedly,told the police while questioned about their liability said a senior officer.