Minds that build a good society must increase,opines Basavaraj Horatti

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

I f parents send their kids to hostels,the children send their parents to the home for aged” Horatti

Selfishness is brewing in people’s minds and the social concern is declining.The need of the hour is the minds that strive to build a good society,opined Speaker of the State Legislative Council Basavaraj Horatti.

Speaking at the distribution of awards and the release of a book ‘Saamanyara Asaamanya Avva’ at Srinivasa Garden here on Thursday,he said at a time when the social concern was steadily declining,former chief minister Basavaraj Bommai was doing such social service under a trust named after his mother.

If there is anyone who gives birth to her kid despite losing her life,it is the mother only.None can repay in terms of anything for what she does for the kids.The lap of a mother was like the highest court.

Horatti said parents should bring their children to such good programs so that they realize the importance of mothers.

If children are sent to a residential school,they will not know the hardship of their parents.Don’t forget that if children are not well cared for, they will send their parents to old age homes.His mother would sell milk and yogurt to pay for his college education.

” I have worked with SR Bommai.His name was immortalized in a court order. He was a visionary leader.

Her son Basavaraja Bommai has been involved in many projects including publishing books in trust in his mother’s name.

I have also made an Avva Seva Trust in my mother’s memory but have not brought out the books.I will bring out books about mothers from Avva Seva Trust”,he added.

Mother relationship is more than God

Former Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai who spoke on the occasion said that this was an emotional ceremony.

A person can only have a pre-natal relationship with his mother. Mother’s relationship was more than God’s. Valuing motherhood is constant and eternal.

His mother Gangamma was a deep spiritual thinker and a great patriot.Smt.Gangamma Somappa Bommai Trust has so far brought out about seven editions of books on Mother and will bring out a total of 10 editions, including three more editions,which would be given to universities so that about 3-4 Ph.D.s can be done,he said.

The former CM said that the trust would carry out more service work in the field of education and health.In the coming days,it plans to start various institutions, including educational institutions.

Bharat Bommai who welcomed the gathering,said his grandmother used to say that instead of winning,go for knowledge.Her simplicity and thoughts have impacted the entire family and they were following them.

During the Covid pandemic, the trust provided necessary assistance by converting their house into a COVID care center in Shiggaon.

Besides,Rs.25 lakhs for Kim’s Cancer Department. Given.The work of providing scholarships and books is being done and he has taken the responsibility of leading the trust.

Principal Ramesh Kallanagouda spoke about the book. On the same occasion,Hema Pattanashetty was honored with the Akka Award,Neha Ramapura with the Aralu Moggu Award,and Doreswamy with ‘The Janapada Siri Award.

Members of the State Legislative Assembly Arvind Bellad,Mahesh Tenginakai,and MR Patil,Legislative Council member SV Sankanur Trust Vice President Mallikarjuna Bommai,Chandrasekhara Vastrad, and others were present.