Now BJP, the state needed Ananthkumar: Basavaraj Bommai

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Ananthkumar was addressing me ‘Dost’Basavaraj Bommai”.

Former chief minister Basavaraj Bommai said whenever any issue related to Karnataka came up at the central government level,Ananthkumar was always a savior.The State and the party needed his services.

Speaking at a function ‘Ananthkumar 64’ organized in connection with the birth anniversary of former union minister Ananthkumar here on Friday,he said Ananthkumar completed his long life and achieved many things within a short period.

“I and Ananthkumar were classmates and he would use it to correct any of my mistakes.He was also my bench mate.

Ananthkumar was always enthusiastic and had leadership qualities with vision.While sipping tea in our college,we decided to hold a protest against the clamping of emergency.

Ananthkumar was made the general secretary of the student’s union.He was arrested for participating in the protest and sent to jail for four months.

But that did not deter his spirit. His mother, Girija Shastri was a resident of MTS Colony in Hubballi,and she was also a patriot and zeal to protest for freedom.

His father was a disciplined person and naturally, Ananthkumar had the qualities of his parents”.

The former CM said Ananthkumar was always like a savior and they would pass on the burden on him on any issue of Karnataka to be dealt with at the national level. Ananthkumar was remembered during the all-party meeting held on the Cauvery water issue.

Tejaswini Ananthkumar always supported him. Karnataka faced a big problem over the Krishna Water issue and both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana demanded a separate allocation of water.

When this was explained to Ananthkumar, the law secretary was summoned to write in favor of the Government of Karnataka to which the latter refused.

Subsequently, Ananthkumar said that the law secretary would be changed. Then that officer put his signature. This was a big gift of Ananthkumar to Karnataka.

Although both of them were in different political parties, he always called him ‘Dost’.He pressured him to join BJP and even Rajnath Singh asked him,

‘Why are you not coming to BJP? Ananthkumar had said it would be good for him as well as for the party if he joined the BJP. Due to his pressure,he joined the BJP and the party gave all respects.

Ananthkumar had a lot of interest and love for the Adamya Chetana which is being successfully managed by his wife, Tejaswini Ananthkumar.

Former minister C.T.Ravi, Adamya Chetana Chairperson Tejaswini Ananthkumar, and Ananthkumar Foundation Chairman Prof. P.V. Krishna Bhat were present.