Supreme Court’s orders must be on reality:Bommai opines;Let the State Government fights to save water at least for drinking water; Former CM

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)

Former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai opined that the Supreme Court must give its verdict not based on the orders of the but Cauvery Water Management Authority but on the ground reality.

He told reporters here on Thursday that the apex court, after hearing arguments of both the states,has upheld the orders of the CWMA.

It was unfortunate that Karnataka has been directed to honour the orders of the Authority for the next 15 days.

The state government must once again try to bring to the notice about the prevailing situation in the Cauvery basin The orders of the CWMA was not final.

It was not correct on the part of the apex court to say that it was not connected in this issue.It was important to calculate the water level in Tamilnadu along with the water storage level in the dams in the Cauvery basin.

The former CM pointed out the state should have filed an appeal before the Supreme Court when the CWMA pronounced it’s first orders.

Karnataka moved the apex court only after releasing water to Tamilnadu twice.It looks the SC fully depended on the CWMA.The attitude of CWRC and CWMA is not right.The CWMA must see the ground reality but it was issuing orders based on the statistics.

Fight for drinking water

Bommai said the State Government says it would file a review petition in the SC but Tamilnadu had already utilised the water illegally.This must be brought to the notice of the Supreme Court.

The state government must not only said that there was no enough water in the Cauvery basin dams but mentioned that Bengaluru which is an international City, was flocked by people from everywhere.

For this,a separate quota of water has been fixed for the State capital.This point must be made aware to the apex court.

The Tamilnadu State would witness rain in the return monsoon whereas the rainy season has almost ended in Karnataka.This must be explained to the apex court.

The state government now fight at least preserve water for drinking water purposes.The BJP did not want to do politics in this issue but the reality was that the crops were withering.The farmers must be compensated by Rs.25,000 for each acre.