Four of the family including three women from Nepal died due to suffocation while sleeping in shed of poultry farm

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

A Family of four including three women died due to suffocation while sleeping in a shed of a poultry farm where they were working.

The deceased have been identified as Kaale Sarera,60, his wife Lakshmi Sarera,50,his relative Usha Sarera,40 and Phool Sarera,16.

Senior officer told reporters,The deceased are from Nepal and had come to work in the poultry farm situated in the Doddabelavangala in the outskirts of the city a week ago.

The family was given a shed next to the poultry farm to live and they had lit a stove made of empty tin and put firewood to create smoke to drive away mosquitoes.

However due to lack of ventilation the smoke engulfed the shed and the four who were sleeping died due to lack of oxygen.

The in cident came to light on Sunday morning when the owner had called them to find no response.

After failed to get response from repeated calls,he called the neighbouring house requesting them to go and check.

The neighbors reached the shed and peed through the window to find them dead in a sleeping position.The police Rushed to the spot and shifted the bodies for post mortem while registered a caswe of UDR for further investigations.

The police are awaiting post mortem report to ascertain the reason behind the death.