We have no objection to release water under normal circumstances.In difficult situations,we get into more trouble because we don’t have a distress formula

Dr.Thomas (Special Correspondent)


*We had to release 99 TMC of water.But so far only 37 TMC has been released.

*We need 70 TMC water for crop protection.33 TMC of water is required for drinking water.But we have only 53 TMC in storage.So we have no water.

*Our officials have clearly stated the situation of the state.Even then,we are asked to release 5 TMC water daily.

*Our first priority is to protect the welfare of the farmers and drinking water of our state.

*Let’s keep politics aside and protect the interest of the state:Resolution of the all-party meeting chaired by the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that,even before discussing about releasing water to Tamilnadu,there water is not available in the state.Therefore let us all protect the interest of the state together and put aside politics.

The opinion was expressed in the all-party meeting held in the wake of the Cauvery Water Management Committee’s order to release 5 thousand cusecs water to Tamilnadu every day.

According to the order so far,we should have released 99 TMC of water. But only 37 TMC has been released so far.

We need 70 TMC water for crop protection. 33 TMC water is required for drinking water.Industries require 3 TMC.But we have only 53 TMC in storage.So we have no water.Our officials have clearly stated the reality of the state.

However,it is suggested to release 5 TMC of water daily.The Chief Minister said that no one can release wager ignoring the lives and welfare of our farmers.

Rainfall was the lowest in August this year when compared to the same period in last 123 years.water storage is very less.Hence,discussions were held in the meeting about legal and political measures to be taken and seeking help from central government.

Technical experts,legal experts,people’s representatives and leaders of various parties expressed their views in the meeting.

Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar,Minister,Dr.G. Parameshwar,H.K.Patil,Cheluvarayaswamy,KH. Muniyappa, K.N.Rajanna, N.S.Bhosaraju,K.Venkatesh, Jamir Ahmed Khan,former Chief Minister M.Veerappa Moily, MPs,MLAs, Chief Secretary to Government Vandita Sharma,Deputy Chief Secretary Water Resources Department Rakesh Singh, Advocate General Shashikiran Shetty, legal experts and senior government officials were present.

In the all-party meeting held on 28th, Cauvery, Mahadayi and Upper Krishna projects were discussed.Today’s meeting is held only to discuss the issue of Cauvery water.

Even then Cauvery Water Regulatory Committee ordered to release 10 thousand cusecs of water and after listening to our arguments,it suggested to release five thousand cusecs only.

Again yesterday it was ordered to release 5000 cusecs of water.There is no problem in releasing water when there is normal rainfall.

667 TMC was released last year.According to the Supreme Court order,177.25 TMC of water should be released in normal years.But unfortunately we are stuck in difficulty as there is no distress formula.

*There are two options before us- the first option is to apply again to the Cauvery Water Management Authority, the second option is to approach the Supreme Court as we do not have water.

*Our minister will visit Delhi to meet the water resource Minister today.He will discuss with a team of lawyers. We have to protect the interest of farmers.As the Chief Minister of the state,I admit that providing water is difficult.

*Water cannot be given by sacrificing farmers. Now we are in distress. We must all go together.He said that the solution to this problem is the Mekedatu scheme.

Therefore all MPs should pressurize the central government in this regard.We should work together for the common interest of the state having kept all our political stances aside.