Telangana traitors are coming together

-Galla S Kiran Kumar,Bureau Chief Telagana (Andhra Pradesh)

On the one hand Kishan Reddy who fled to resign during the movement.. At the same time Revanth Reddy who took a rifle on the people of Telangana is on the other hand.. Are they our competition? It is an illusion that people of Telangana will listen if they say that KCR is not a manchodu who fought with his life for the state.


Above is Revanth.. Kishan Reddy

KVP is leading behind.. Kirankumar
Reddy does not hesitate to create naramedhas to change CMs
. Clarification of KTR angry with Congress and BJP
that KCR’s leadership is Sri Ramaraksha for Telangana


On the one hand Kishan Reddy who fled to resign during the movement.. At the same time Revanth Reddy who took a rifle on the people of Telangana is on the other hand.. Are they our competition? It is an illusion that people of Telangana will listen if they say that KCR is not a manchodu who fought with his life for the state.

People here have high self-esteem. Do we need another few years of antipathy and poison towards Telangana? Shall we take away the state that has stood as an example for the country and put it in their hands?


Did the Congress leaders resign at least once during the days of the Telangana movement? They say that Telangana was given by Soniamma. If not given, the party will be fined.

Today, Hyderabad: The time has come for the people to think whether it is the Congress that has eaten like vultures without giving electricity, or the BJP that has brought black laws against farmers, or KCR, who has deposited Rs. ‘Do you want Delhi slaves again? Do you want KCR as the Chief Minister of Telangana in self-governance? This is the question before the people of Telangana’, he said. Minister KTR spoke on various issues in the Ishtagoshthi held with reporters at Pragati Bhavan on Tuesday. “KVP Ramachandra Rao, who tore the movement, bought our party MLAs and opposed Telangana, says that he belongs here today. Kiran Kumar Reddy, who is a staunch opponent of Telangana, is giving direction to BJP today. On the formation of the state.. Even Sharmila, who has cursed many people, now says that she is a Telanganaist. All the traitors of Telangana are coming together once again. Coming in many forms. Revanth Reddy, Kishan Reddy is seen above. These are puppets.. puppets. Behind them and leading… playing… Delhi ambassadors KVP and Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Who are your CM candidates?

Our chief ministerial candidate is KCR… and who are the chief ministerial candidates of Congress and BJP? Sealed covers coming from Delhi.. Messengers.. Wraps given to them.. Oaths taken in front of them.. Do the people of Telangana want all this? In parties like Congress, they create naramedhas to change the Chief Ministers. It is a petty party that does not hesitate to kill people and create riots. If the sandals were thrown at PV Narsimha Rao, then one can understand the scale of it. Same with BJP. In Karnataka, Yeddyurappa was removed and another person who bowed to Delhi was made the CM. Do we want such perverse parties, a system run by remote control from Delhi again?

Distribution of 13,800 houses on 21st

We are going to start 9 government medical colleges on the same day on 15th of this month. Telangana is not only in the production of grain, but also in the preparation of doctors. On the 16th, we will start the Palamuru lift scheme to reach Kaleswaram. 17th is National Unity Day. Soon we are going to start 5 STPs in Hyderabad within four to five days. We will distribute 13,800 two-bed houses in GHMC on 21st. According to the market value…we will give property worth Rs.50 thousand crore to Rs.60 thousand crore to the people.

Bajpadi is a retail gimmick

BJP does not have the courage to speak on the promises given. That is why ‘one election’ is the petty political gimmick he is using to cover up his failures. If Jamili wants to hold elections, does the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and other parties have the power to stop him? This is part of the efforts to prevent the upcoming five state elections from being held on time. Because BJP will not win in these five states. As a result, there is a doubt in the BJP that there will be an adverse effect on the parliamentary elections. In 2018, Bharata had given a letter to the Center regarding the Jamili elections. Not implemented on Will you do it now? do not It is unknown to two or three people in this country. If the people decide to send this central government or another government home… even if elections are held simultaneously… no matter how many times they are held, there will be no change in their decision.

What happened to the cases against Sonia and Rahul?

If there is no understanding between BJP and Congress in the last election… will the deposits of Ponnam Prabhakar and Madhuyaski be lost in Karimnagar and Nizamabad parliamentary seats? Why didn’t India go to Gujarat? ED inquiry was conducted against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. What happened to those cases? There is understanding between BJP and Congress. ED and IT attacks on our leaders in Telangana. But were these attacks on a single Congress leader? Do they not know how many illegalities and blackmailings Revanth Reddy is committing? How can the BJP, which is constantly attacking our leaders, be our friend?

No comment on Andhra Pradesh politics

We have no comment on the developments in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu states. A matter that is not related to us. But Telangana has complete democracy. Here, there are opposition leaders and journalists who are abusing the CM from early morning. They are also making personal insults. But we are very silent and serious. Are these conditions in other states? Some people say that there is more democracy and more goodness in Telangana. We have to think. G20 is an opportunity for India in the rotation system. The attempt to blow the horn and make a puppet of Modi failed.

In the case of sneezes and leftists..

As CM KCR has promised to give the seats back to the sitting ones, the situation has arisen that the left parties cannot give the seats they want. With this, the issue of alliance did not go forward. We have respect for the Left parties ideologically. Minister KTR said that the MLA seat could not be given to Tummala Nageswara Rao.

KCR hat trick CM

KTR said that the people have an unshakeable belief that KCR’s leadership is the salvation of the state. “If you dare, give tickets for the sittings,” the PCC president had previously said. KCR kept his word that seats will be given only to sitting people. We have made changes in some locations like Asifabad and Vira. Atram Sakku gets another good chance in Asifabad. The CM said that there may be some changes anywhere. The party is in a wait-and-see situation regarding Mainampalli Hanmantha Rao replacing Malkajigiri. They made small attempts that KCR will take some people.. they will come to them. But KCR is clear. The candidates were announced after collecting all kinds of information and collating it. We will win more than 90 seats. KCR will become the chief minister for a hat-trick again,” he said.