In its first of its kind Bengaluru City police launch Cyber Tip A Day keeps fraudsters away to tackle growing online crime says B Dayananda City Police Chief

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar


engaluru Police Commissioner B.Dayananda will share one useful tip every day on the social media account of the police to create awareness and fight cybercrime.

In an effort to tackle the growing cyber crime incident in the city,the Bengaluru City police on Tuesday launched “Cyber tip a day keeps the fraudsters away”online campaign for the general public.

City police chief,B.Dayananda,who kick-started who launched the campaign said that he will share one useful tip everyday for the people on the city police social media account to create awareness and to empower to fight the crime.

According to the data,every third person in the country has fallen for the cyber crime related incidents and losing their earnings and valuables .

There is a need for cyber awareness and cyber clarity and common sense to be adopted to stay away from cyber frauds.

“If these are adopted people can be safe and secure from cyber related crimes”he, said .