Let there be co- ordination between police-law-social welfare and revenue department to prevent atrocities

Pramesh S Jain

*Karnataka is the land of sensible people.Control on caste atrocities is essential.

*Separate meeting for fake caste certificates.

*Justice to Scheduled Castes through Coordination of Four Departments: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Police,Law, Social Welfare and Revenue Departments should work in coordination with each other to reduce the cases of atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and handle the registered cases effectively.

The CM gave clear instructions to the officers at the meeting of the state-level vigilance and monitoring committee held in the conference hall,Vidhana souda.

SC/ST Atrocities Prevention Act,Protection of Civil Rights Act has been implemented due to the fact that it is not possible to provide proper justice to cases of atrocities under the Indian Penal Code.

The government gives utmost importance to this act. Victims should be protected.Social Welfare,Police, Prosecution and Revenue Department should work in coordination to achieve this objective.

People of this category can get justice in a systematic way when these department work in coordination,he said.

Police officers should consider the matter seriously. Strict instructions should be given to SP and DCPs to file charge sheet within two months.Police should investigate carefully.

All efforts should be made to give sentence by considering them as special case, he suggested.

It is very disgraceful that rate of punishment in the state is just 3.44.The CM suggested to increase this rate further.He said that it is shameful that this rate is very less in the state which is a conscious society.

Tehsildars,Sub-Divisional Officers,District Collectors, Superintendents of Police should check the progress. The CM gave strict instruction that the SPs should investigate these cases and send reports to DGPs.

Review on this matter is compulsory in Taluk and District level KDP meetings.Submission of charge sheet should not be delayed for any reason.

The police should be attentive so that the evidence does not fail.

Politicians should not interfere in atrocity cases and should cooperate with the police.Police should use their discretion while registering each case.

He warned that if the submission of the charge sheet is delayed,there is a possibility that the accused will get bail and commit the crime again.

In the next meeting,the duration of pending cases and other information should be provided.We will consider setting up fast track courts where more cases are pending.

54 applications regarding appointment on compassionate grounds are pending for disposal.Many applications are rejected.

The chief minister directed the officials to discuss with the chief secretary about the condition that the application should be submitted within two years.

‘The Minister of Social Welfare and Home have held discussed about strengthening the Civil Rights Enforcement Directorate during the budget.The CM instructed the Minister to present it in the Cabinet meeting.

A separate meeting will be called in respect of fake caste certificate cases.

Our government is committed to curbing atrocities committed outside the law.After amending the rules,all ministers,MPs and MLAs of these communities have been invited to the meeting.

A sincere effort should be made to prevent this atrocity. Officials should change their attitude and act.He said that this meeting should be called once in six months.

*More power to CRE Cell*

The Minister of Social Welfare said in the meeting that a report on strengthening the Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement (CRE cell) has been prepared and the file will be submitted to the Chief Minister as announced in the current budget.

Objecting to the non-filing of charge sheets in 53 murder cases in the last five years, the Chief Minister directed to issue show cause notices to such officials.

Deputy Chief Minister,DK Shivakumar,Social Welfare Minister Dr.H.C.Mahadevappa and Ministers Dr. G. Parameshwar, K.H.Muniyappa,Priyank Kharge,R.B. Thimmapura,K.N.Rajanna,Nagendra,Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes MLAs,MPs,Chief Minister’s Political Adviser Govindaraju and Chief Secretary Vandita Sharma and other senior government officials attended the meeting.