If charge sheet is not filed within 90 days,the accused will get bail;Will people who get bails be afraid of the law? Says CM Siddaramaiah

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

Even after 120 days after the atrocity, why is the charge sheet not filed: CM Siddaramaiah questions”.


*A review meeting should be held every month regarding the progress of investigation of these cases.

*Conviction rate is 3.44% under Atrocities Against Scheduled Caste / Schedule Tribe Act.This shows that prosecution has failed.

The state ranks 21st in the country in terms of punishment.As the punishment is low, the number of accused who escape is also high.He suggested that strict action should be taken against such people.

*The CM said that a circular will be issued to all MLAs, district in-charge ministers to review the progress of atrocity cases in KDP meetings.

*Another circular will be issued that the district commissioners must conduct a meeting and review the progress.

*This is due to non-review of cases of atrocities in district and taluk KDP meetings.The CM gave clear instruction that MLAs,District Ministers,DC-SPs must review these cases.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah questioned the officials as to why no charge sheet has been registered against the accused in caste atrocity cases and caste atrocity murder cases even after 120 days and warned that action should be taken against the SPs and DCPs.

In the state-level Vigilance and in-charge Committee meeting held today at the Conference hall,Vidhana Soudha he presented the figures,and questioned the officials.

Out of the 10893 cases registered in the last five years, 1100 cases have not been charged within 120 days.

This shows the indifference of the officers towards Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.This will not give justice to the victims.He warned that this could not be tolerated.

If a charge sheet is not filed within 90 days under the Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC) and under the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act within 60 days,the accused can get bail easily.He questioned if those who get easy bails will have fear of law.

There is an opinion that Karnataka Police is number one in the country.But under the Prevention of Atrocities Act,the rate of punishment is 3.44 per cent only.

Does this mean that the police department has been negligent regarding the SC/ST atrocities cases in the last five years,our government will not tolerate this.

He warned that SP and DCPs will be made directly responsible and action will be taken for the delay and he also directed the DG &IG to take action against the investigators of the cases.