Unknown person booked for cheating school teacher posing as Officer of Anti-Narcotics Control Bureau Mumbai Crime Branch on pretext of inquiry and made away with Rs.32.25 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain 

A 50-year-old school teacher has filed a complaint with the Northeast Cyber Crime Police against an unknown person who posing as officer of Anti-Narcotics control bureau of Mumbai Crime Branch took away Rs.32,25,111 her saving from the bank account on the pretext of inquiry on Saturday .

The victim,Chatura Rao,resident of Devanahalli on Friday received a call from a person identified himself as executive from courier agency .

He informed Ms.Rao that there was a parcel in her name which contained five passports,five credit cards and a laptop.

While Ms.Rao tried to reason with him,the accused said that the case is now with the Anti-Narcotics Bureau of Mumbai crime branch and asked her to download Skype app to talk to them.

She followed the instructions and a person who posing as officer from Mumbai crime branch spoke to her and said that her identity could have been misused for illegal activities.

Promised to help her out,he took the details of her bank account to verify whether any amount has been misused.Soon after sharing the details Ms.Rao realized that a total of Rs.32,25,111 has been transferred .

The cyber crime police officials are now trying to track down the accused based on the bank transactions.The police have advised people not to entertain unknown calls even if the caller claimed to be police officer . People should not share their personal or bank details to anyone at any cost,a senior officer,said.