Four Notorious Habitual HBT offenders arrested by Bagalagunte& Sanjaynagar police recovered stolen property worth Rs.17.5 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain

T he Bagalagunte police have arrested a gang of three house-break thieves and recovered Rs.6.4 lakh worth valuables from them.

The accused Ravi Kumar, 36,and two of his associates Imran,28 and Jai Kumar,39 are habitual offenders involved in multiple cases .

The accused had burgled a house in Bagalagunte and made away with valuables .

Based on the complaint,the police have analyzed CCTV footage to identify the accused and arrested them.

The police team have seized an autorickshaw,scooter cash Rs.1.8 lakh and 129 grams of gold valuables total worth Rs.6.4 lakh.

The accused used to move around the residential area in the scooter and autorickshaw to target the house which were locked .

The accused were arrested earlier for similar offence and after coming out on bail they continue their activities,a senior officer,said .

In similar case,the Sanjaynagar police on Wednesday arrested 28-year-old Subhas Mondal and recovered gold valuables and cash total worth Rs.10.5 lakh from him.

The accused had burgled the valuables from the house of Ramaiah Shetty situated in Patelappa layout on August 27.

The accused is a habitual offender and addicted to drugs and other vices.He was arrested earlier but after coming out on bail.

The police based on the CCTV footage identified the accused and tracked him down to house in Mutyala Nagar and arrested him.