Former employee of Karnataka State Remote Sensing Application Centre booked for misusing the data and maps for developing mobile app for his personal use

Yogesh K Porwar 

A former employee of karnataka state remote sensing Application Centre,has been accused of misusing the data and maps for developing a mobile app for his personal use.

Director (administration )DK Prabhuraj,has filed a complaint with the Northeast division cyber crime police on Sunday seeking legal action.

Mr.Prabhuraj said that the accused former employee identified Virendra Patil was working with the institution between May 2021 to December 2022 as application Developer .

During this period he had access to “Hissa”data and maps meant for survey settlement department and after quit the job and started his own company company he used the data to develop a mobile app using the stolen data under the banner know your land .

The misuse of data came to light recently and after verifying the facts to confirm,Mr.Prabhuraj,filed a complaint with the police.

The links of the mobile app has been taken down for further investigations and the police have taken up a case and are investigating .