City Based Businessman booked case against his wife& mother-in-law for performing Black Magic on him and family

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

A city based businessman has accused his wife of performing blackmagic on him and his family.The complainant has even hired a private detective to probe and gathered evidence before approaching the police.

Based on the complaint,the Cubbon park police on Saturday registered a case against wife,a doctor by profession and her mother charging them under  Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices and Black Magic Act.

The complainant identified as Dev Kumar,said that he is married to Aishwarya in June last year and later went on a business trip and returned on February this year .

Mr.Dev in his complaint noticed that Aishwarya had dumped ash and camphor,lemons,coconut and had even slashed her thumb to drop blood on performing ritual .

Suspecting something fishy,Mr.Dev engaged a private detective to probe,who submitted two reports which confirmed that she had met an astrologer and a witch craft performer to get the ritual in a graveyard.

Mr.Dev in his complaint alleged that his wife had even mixed some oil,ashes in the food prepared by the domestic help and served family members by spitting in it.

Dev alleged that due to this kind of practices his pet dog had died and his father rendered bed ridden.She has created a fear psychosis among the family members due to such evil practices,he said in his complaint .

The police who have taken up a case suspected that there was a difference between the couple and the complainant is a ground to prepare for the separation we suspect said a senior officer.