Blind missing Husky Dog reunited to family in four Days by Commercial Street Police

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia

A Special team of police from the commercial street police on last thursday was on a special mission to track down a Blind Husky Dog which went missing from his house and reunited with the family after four days.

It took the police to launch special operations to join the dots from each piece of information they have obtained through the CCTV before reaching a house in Kaval Bhairasandra where the 13-year-old Ralph was living with a family .

Ralph which lost his eye sight due to age related ailments went out of the house on August 22 for a walk and lost track .

The owner Ramya Lokesh,from Shivajinagar shocked when she found Ralph was going on different directions desperately to reach the house.

The entire incident was recorded on the CCTV cameras where Ralph was finally taken by an autorickshaw driver .

The family thought the autorickshaw driver was a samaritan and would get the dog back home,But he turned out to be opportunist.

The autorickshaw driver took the Husky to a breeder to sell.The breeder soon realized that Ralph is old and blind he left him on the street as it was blind and was of no use to him.

Scared Ralph was on the road attacked by stray dogs for a day,noticed by a boy and rescued who called his father and took Raplh to his house in Kaval Byrasandra.

Meanwhile Ms.Ramya along with her family members approached the police and requested them to trace the dog. Inspector formed a special team and gathered around 75 CCTV footage and finally managed to get the bike number which carried Ralph.

The police team led by Inspector,R S Choudhari,on Sunday went to the house along with the family and handed him over to the family at the station.

We are grateful to the police team for helping us to get back Ralph,who was defenseless and not even able to drink water on his own”Ramya.Our faith in the city police have been risen many folds,Ms.Ramya, added .