Cyber Victim’s Day to help the Victims of Cyber Crimes launched by Southeast Division police to provide a platform to air and share their grievances

Pramesh S Jain

In an effort to help the victims of the cyber crimes and provide a platform to air their share and air their grievances,the Southeast Division police launched Cyber Victim’s day on Thursday.

Over 2000 cases have been registered related to cyber crimes in the last eight months and over Rs.100 crores have been looted in the southeast division,alone.

While the cyber crimes are on the rise,the detection rates remain low due to technical difficulties in detecting the crime,CK Baba,DCP,Southeast division, who chaired the meeting,said .

According to a rough estimations over 15,000 cases related to cyber crime have been registered and the money lost worth several hundred crores in all the divisions across the city .

Though in some cases the money is frozen,it is very difficult to recover the money due to inordinate delay from the banks and other concerned agencies .

In this situation the trauma of the victims in terms of social and economical and professional implications needs redressal,Mr.Baba,said .

Hence the police have decided to start a platform where the victims of the cyber crimes to redrsse their issues and create a sense of awareness alongside.

On the launch of the program held at DCP’s office around 100 people attended comprising of victims and their family members and police officials .

Many of the victims shared their experience of how they become victim and the issues they have faced aftermath .

Majority of the victims are well educated and professionals who had lost all their life saving earnings.

Taking the meeting to the next level,the police will be having meeting with the banks to recover at frozen money,which is not been returned due to delay from banks and other concerned agencies to expediate the recovery process .

The police have assured the victims of the cyber frauds to provide an update on regular basis to prevent them from visiting police station on daily basis through whatsapp and other communications .

This according to Mr.Baba will save the time and energy of both the victims.The police have told the people to report the cyber crime incidents immediately without delay .

The idea of the meet is also to create an empathy among the police officials to help the victims who have problems in the family and some of them even have suicidal tendencies for losing huge amount.

A woman who lost money to a cyber fraud not only lost Rs.5 lakh of her saving,but also borrowed Rs.10 lakh from her friend and taken another 30 lakh loan from a finance company.

After losing the entire amount,she stopped going to work and now under medication for health complications.