Youth held for robbing home alone woman after attacking her in broad daylight recovered 45 grams gold ornaments

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

The HSR Layout police have arrested a 25-year-old unemployed youth for robbing gold valuables from a home alone woman after attacking her in broad day light on last Monday.

The accused identified as Joshua Irudhayaraj,resident of SG Palya alcoholic and spend thrift and desperate for quick money and decided to rob home alone women.

As per the plan,the accused used to watch women who comes out of houses to drop their children to school.

The accused would watch them closely and zero in on women who hold key in their hand.

This is according to DCP,CK,Baba,is to confirm that they are alone at home.The accused would then follow the victims and attack and rob their valuables .

Using the similar modus operandi,the accused followed the victim,who returned home after dropping her daughter at the school bus pick up point.Her husband who worked in a private firm in Bommasandra had gone to office .

After confirming her house,the accused knock the door posing as courier boy.As the victim opened the door the accused threw chilli powder into her eyes and attacked her with knife before robbing her gold valuables weighing 45 grams .

The accused returned home and with the help of his friends pawned the valuables and spend the money on vices.

Meanwhile the HSR layout police who have taken up the case swung into action and analyzed the CCTV footage from in and around .

In one of the footage the police found that the accused was watching over the women at a tea shop.Following the leads,the police zeroed in on Joshua and recovered the valuables from him.

Lauding the HSR layout police inspector,Harish Kumar PM and team for cracking the case,DCP Baba said “In a testament to unwavering determination and technologically precise investigative techniques,the HSR team,orchestrated a remarkable breakthrough in the recent robbery case.

The incident,involving a lone woman who fell victim to a brutal attack and gold jewelry theft within the confines of her home,sent shockwaves across our HSR layout community”.